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De evolutie van de Dyane
« Gepost op: 07-02-2010 00:06 »
De volgende tekst is afkomstig van de website van Jeroen Cats www.cats-citroen.net

August 8, the Dyane is presentated to the press.
September 22nd 1967, Dealer introduction

  • Dyane introduction, using the engine from the Ami6.
  • Dyane4 introduction, replaces the 425cc engine with the new 435cc engine and specially designed gearbox..
  • Heater controls moved from the dashboard shelf to the bottom of the dashboard heating cover..
  • Inner wing gets a hole for letting out hot air from the engine when the heater is turned off..
  • Ashtray in the dashboard..
  • Security windscreen is fitted..
  • Steel valvecovers replace the alloy ones..
  • Modified camshaft, pushrods and camshaft followers on the 602cc engine.
April: Gearbox modified.
  • Cardboard heater tubes for the Dyane6.
  • Spring on the rear brakes replaced by U shaped rod.
  • Modified gearbox on the Dyane6.
  • The Dyane6 gets the modern AK2 602cc engine similar in design to the 435cc of the Dyane4.
  • Plastic doorpanels are now black instead of white on the Berline Luxe/Comfort and Commerciale Luxe/Comfort.
  • Different wire mesh in the air intake on the bonnet.
  • Rear door handles modified.
  • The export models get soft rubber covering fo the steering colum controls unit.
  • Seats/Bench are no longer on a seperate frame but directly fitted into the seatrunners.
  • Oilpump and ignition modification on all types.
  • Indication lights for high beam and indicator.
  • Choke and starter get square knobs to replace the round rubber ones.
  • The knob for the bonnet opening mechanism is replaced by a steel rod.
  • Front springs increased in diameter.

  • Production of the Dyane6 with M4 engine and Dyane4 Comfort is ceased.
  • Paperclips on the rear bumper no longer available.
  • Third sidescreen fitted on all models.
  • Grille with different wire mesh.
  • Charge light is replaced with a Volt meter, rest of the lights moved to the top dash (12V cars only).
  • The cable operated starter is replaced by a fully electric one, operated with a red starter button on the dash.
  • Windscreen washer footpump is modified.
  • On the cheaper models the hooks on the bench are replaced by the normal seatrunner system.
  • Steeringlock standard on all models.
  • 12V dynamo replaced with alternator.
  • Rear light is modified.
  • Ball on the gearshift lever replaces egg shaped knob on all cars.
  • Bonnet closing mechanism is modofied.
  • The fully steel tubular steeringwheel is discontinued.
  • Dyane6 gets an external oilfilter.

  • AM2 32bhp Ami8 engine and gearbox (with drum brakes) fitted.
  • Black plastic steeringwheel is replaced by a blue/grey one as is the dashboard.
  • Dyane4 also gets the electrical starter.
  • Crankshaft mounted 6Volts starter is discontinued.
  • Fuellevel sender unit is modified.
  • 4.5mm brakelines are replaced with 3.5mm ones, the rear brake hoses are repleced by spring shaped brake lines in the rear axle tube.
  • White upholstery on parcelshelf is now black.
  • Rear parcel shelf is now available.
  • Handle on the bootlid is modified.
  • At the front the inner wings are secured to the chassi with rubber holders and no longer with steel U shape ones.
  • Rearview mirror is modified.

  • Engine supports on the 435cc are modifed so the same chassis can be sued with both 435cc and 602cc.
  • Shaft on brake and clutch pedals is increased in diameter to 12mm.
  • Two extra pushbutton fittings for the roof.
  • Exterior rearview mirror is standard in France.
  • on the rear suspension arms the batteurs are no longer fitted.

  • Soundproof padding on the inside of the bonnet.
  • Exterior mirror is replaced by the fold away type.
  • Throttle pedal is modified.
  • The cables for the heater controls are secured by clamps replacing the plates and nuts.
  • Doorhinges are moved an get increased diameter pins.
  • Bonnet hinge secured with 2 bolts instead of 3.
  • Carburettor is modified.
  • Metal doorhandles which point up are replaced by plastic ones pointing down.
  • Bridge over the fueltank fitted.
  • Round suspension pull-rod eyes are replaced by 5 edge ones.
  • Bonnet hinge is welded to the bonnet.
  • Doorrubbers are no longer white/black but fully black.
  • Starter is integrated into the steering/ignitionlock.
  • Rubber for the rear light is modified.

  • Brown dash replaces black one, one spoke soft coated steeringwheel.
  • Switch for the windscreen wipers is now square and fitted next to the ashtray.
  • Mastercylinder and operating pin modified.
  • Chokeknob is moved to below the gearlever.
  • Ashtray increases in size.
  • Sticker on the bootlid is replaced by aluminium plate.
  • Parkinglightswitch is discontinued.
  • Voltage regulator is fitted to the battery.
  • 125 15 X tyres replace the 125 X 380.
  • Teeth on the flywheelbelt are no longer straight edged.
  • Sump is modified.
  • Increased area under the pushrod/ooil-return tube rubbers.

  • Black wiperarms.
  • Teeth on the flywheelbelt hardened.
  • The gray bumpers are replaced by stainless steel ones.
  • The stainless steel grille is replaced by a gray plastic one.
  • The rear bumper is made thicker.
  • There is a black plastic strip on the bumpers.
  • Armrests on the doorpanels.
  • Choke knob is now plastic.

  • The black plastic trim on the bumpers is replaced by black tape.
  • Double action braking circuit with 2 glass fluid containers mounted on the firewall.
  • Frotteurs on the front removed.
  • Telescopic shockabsorbers allround.
  • Steeringwheel is reduced in diameter from 430 to 390mm.
  • Steering reduction modified.
  • 3 point seatbelts fitted.
  • Dyane4 is discontinued.
  • carburettor is modified.
  • Steering is modified on the Dyane6.
  • The rubber strips on the bumpers are replaced with balck tape.

  • Push button replaces turning handle on the bootlid.
  • Dashboard is now black.
  • Dual circuit master cylinder, plastic brakefluid resevoir with level indication.
  • Low level indicator light and light testing button.
  • Stainless steel trim above the number plate is no longer fitted.
  • Double valve spring replaced by a single valve spring.
  • Light on the fornt indicators is modified.

  • Speedo has even numbers up to 140km/h.
  • Dyane Caban, limited edition of 1500 cars.
  • Disc brakes at the front.
  • Throttle is operated by a cable.
  • Automatic roll-up seatbelts at the front.
  • Steel airfilterhousing is replaced with a black plastic one.
  • The tubular battery support is replaced by a wire one.
  • Spare wheel support is replaced by a rod between the front wings.
  • Disc brakes replace drum brakes at the front.
  • Grey grille and doorhandles are replaced by black ones.
  • The pushrod / oil-return pipe rubbers are modified.
  • The cables for the heater controls are secured by plates and nuts replacing the clamps.

  • Brakelines with Citroën connections replacing the ISO connections.
  • Safetybelts at the rear.
  • Standing accelerator pedal replaced by hanging pedal.
  • Handbrake lever is moved.
  • Headlight housing and chrome cover are now plastic.

  • A plastic 25 liter fueltank replaces the 20 liter steel one.
  • Seperate front seats are now standard instead of optional.

  • Rear view mirror with day and night position.
  • Serial number now placed on the right chassis leg under the cylinderhead.

  • Dashboard completely encloses the windscreen wiper engine.
  • Windscreen wiper motor is modified.
  • Windscreenwiper connection modified
  • Chokeknob gets a light.

  • 3 finger clutch is replaced by the diafragm clutch.
  • Metallic grey painted bumpers replace the stainless steel ones.
  • Air scoop on the bonnet is removed, inlet on the bonnet is modified.

  • THE END! the production of the Dyane is stopped.The Dyane has lost the race with the car it should have replaced, the 2cv.
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Dyane 6 1968 - AC 626 bleu cristal (12v)
Dyane 4 1969 - AC 626 bleu cristal (6v)
Dyane 6 1981 - AC 442 rouge de castille (12v)
Acadiane 1983 - AC 077 jaune citroën (12v)

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Re:De evolutie van de Dyane
« Reactie #1 Gepost op: 09-02-2010 12:46 »
In het boek "Dyane - de Godin van de A-types" van John Vernooij is dit alles in het Nederlands terug te vinden  ;)

Echt een aanrader dit boek

op de site https://www.citroendyane.nl/ onder "evolutie" staat het hele verhaal ook in het Nederlands  ;D
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Re: De evolutie van de Dyane
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Dyane 6 1968 - AC 626 bleu cristal (12v)
Dyane 4 1969 - AC 626 bleu cristal (6v)
Dyane 6 1981 - AC 442 rouge de castille (12v)
Acadiane 1983 - AC 077 jaune citroën (12v)